Emergency Guidelines

this nmu web page will report any possible emergency situations taking place on campus. if you want to know if nmu is investigating a possible emergency situation, come to this page.

下载博万通if an emergency situation is taking place, you will be informed here as to what procedures to take.

information regarding emergency situations will also be available at:

  • NMU's home page (www.hjyb588.cn)
  • NMU Police Department home page (http://www.hjyb588.cn)
  • Your NMU e-mail address
  • NMU text alerts (sign up info)
  • The electronic display boards in several NMU facilities
  • NMU phones in the vicinity of an emergency will receive a broadcast voice-mail message with procedures to take, if action is needed by campus community members.
  • In some situations, area media outlets will be notified to make announcements on NMU's behalf.

下载博万通if you know of a possible or definite emergency situation that is not being reported on this page, contact the nmu police department immediately by dialing (906) 227-2151.  marquette county central dispatch can be contacted by dialing 911. you will be asked to provide your name and location as well as a description of the emergency situation.

remember that falsely reporting a crime or emergency is illegal. the nmu police department will prosecute all falsely reported crimes and emergencies to the fullest extent.